USC Davidson Conference Center
3415 S. Figueroa St. (at W. Jefferson Boulevard),
Los Angeles, CA 90089
(213) 740-5959

The following schedule for the 2014 Journalism Opportunities Conference is subject to change:

THURSDAY (Oct. 23)

9 a.m. — Registration (Davidson Lobby)

9 a.m. to 5 p.m. — Career Expo (Embassy Room, Basement)

“Healthy Breakfast” sponsored by The California Wellness Foundation


10 a.m. to 10:50 a.m. — Using Social Media as a Journalism Tool

Learn to use social media tools to find stories and sources. Social media was first absorbed as a marketing tool, but a medium that allows direct access to the public is also a journalistic one. Examples small and large, from photos of a plane landing in the East River to the Guardian’s crowd-sourced analysis of hundreds of thousands of Parliamentary expense reports, rely on a more permeable relationship between the newsroom and the outside world.

Presenter:  Luis Gomez, Business Editor, Investigative News Network

10 a.m. to 10:50 a.m.— Resume Writing and Job Interviewing Tips

What the title said. What should and shouldn’t be on your resume? What should and shouldn’t you say in a job interview? How should you dress? Learn how to write an effective resume and get key tips for acing that next job interview. (Sponsored by ABC7)

Panelists: Diane Medina, VP, Diversity and Community Relations, ABC7
& Kristine Hyde, Human Resources Director, The McClatchy Company

11 a.m. to 11:50 a.m. — Reporting with Smartphones and Tablets

Mobile devices can be a reporter’s best friend, especially with breaking news. Access to the internet, social media, and tools such as audio and video recording allow you to report for all platforms.

Presenter: Eric Ortiz, Founder and CEO, Evrybit

11 a.m. to 11:50 a.m. — TV Video Resumes Critiques

News media professionals–including news producers and agents–provide constructive criticism of TV audition tapes submitted by participants in a classroom setting.

Moderator: Vince Gonzales, Freelance TV Journalist/Instructor, USC Annenberg School of Journalism

Panelists: Al Corral, agent, Napoli Management Group
& David Ahrendts, agent, Napoli Management Group
& Jason Ball, Vice President/News Director, KTLA

Noon to 2 p.m. Lunch on your own

2 to 2:50 p.m. — Voice Coaching for TV and Radio

It’s all in how you say it. What words do you emphasize to grab a listener? Where do you pause, raise your voice or lengthen a syllable?

Presenter: Jon Beaupre, Associate Professor of Television Production/Broadcast at Cal State University, Los Angeles

2 to 2:50 p.m. — Wearable Devices: The future of Journalism?

While we’re in the Mobile First era, technology is constantly evolving… So what is next? Wearables. How can hardware on your wrist or on your face disrupt journalism? From content creation to content consumption, learn how we need to be proactive about this fast coming development. In this session we’ll explore the latest in wearables and explore what a story will look like on these devices.

Presenter: Robert Hernandez, Assistant Professor, USC Annenberg School of Journalism

3 to 3:50 p.m. — On-Air or Off-Air?  The Secret to Breaking into News

Are you being lured in by the glitz and glam of being on camera and looking to make your big break in news?  Or, do you want to be the one behind breaking news?  If you are see yourself as a leader who is passionate about news and storytelling, then you owe it to yourself to consider the path of a producer.  Come meet the leaders from the NBC4 and T52 newsrooms and learn how their decision to stay behind the camera led to their success! (Sponsored by NBC Universal)

Panelists: Carlos Hopkins, Executive Producer, NBC4 Southern California
Daisy Espinoza, News Producer, Telemundo 52 Los Angeles

3 to 3:50 p.m. — Health Reporting: Journalism’s Hottest New Beat

Reporting on health news is the most popular beat in journalism today—and you don’t have to be a scientist to do it.

Panelists: Elizabeth Aguilera, senior reporter, health, KPCC
Ana Gorman, Kaiser Health News
LeeAnn Weintraub, Registered Dietitian and Nutrition Consultant

FRIDAY [Oct. 24]

9 a.m. — Registration (Davidson Lobby)

9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Career Expo (Embassy Room, basement)

“Healthy Breakfast” sponsored by The California Wellness Foundation

10 a.m. to 4 p.m. — Narrative Journalism

A daylong workshop for selected participants on how to write and report narrative journalism. Participants will write first-person accounts on how Obamacare has affected their or their families lives. Open only to college students. Pre-registration is required for this special session.

Panelists:  Laurie Ochoa, Arts Editor, Los Angeles Times
& Steve Padilla, National Editor, Los Angeles Times

10 to 10:50 a.m. — Laying a Foundation for Your Career

Where do you want your career to be in 10 years? Miami Herald? The LA Times? The NY Times? A major market TV reporter? Learn what steps you should take to achieve your goal.

Panelists: Kristine Hyde, Human Resources Director, The McClatchy Company
Scott Diener, News Director, KCBS-TV

11 to 11:50 a.m. — Blogging

How is blogging different than reporting for traditional media. How do you transition from a personal blog to a professional blog?

Panelists: Dennis Romero, staff writer, L.A. Weekly

Noon to 2 p.m. — CCNMA Luncheon (Vineyard Room & Patio)

Speaker:  TBA

2 to 2:50 p.m. From Print to Broadcasting

Journalists discuss on how they transitioned from print journalism to careers in broadcast journalism. Learn what it takes to make the transition.

Moderator: Henry Mendoza, Cal State Fullerton

Panelists: Leslie Berestein Rojas, Immigration and Emerging Communities Reporter, KPCC
Gerardo Lopez, freelance journalist

3 to 3:50 p.m. — Spanish or English Journalism? Or Both?

Should you go into Spanish-language media or English media? What does each have to offer? Hear from professionals who have worked in both mediums to help you decide.

Panelists:  Veronica Villafane, editor and publisher, Media Moves
Annette Areola, Reporter, KNBC-TV

FRIDAY [Oct. 24]

10 a.m. to noon — Sports/news workshop

This special workshop will take place Saturday, Oct. 25 from 10 a.m. to noon at the KABC-TV studio in GlendalePre-registration is required for this special session. (Sponsored by ESPN/KABC-TV)