CCNMA NAHJ MOU Decision; Message from CCNMA Board of Directors

We were disappointed to hear that the directors of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists voted recently to end a promising partnership with the California Chicano News Media Association. We still believe CCNMA and NAHJ can work together in the nation’s largest Hispanic news media market, but abandoning the partnership so soon is not the best way to start.

We were more than willing to amend the agreement to save it. One example was the hiring of an administrative manager who would have worked for both organizations in California. Any differences we had over the position could have been ironed out in the interest of maintaining the partnership we began with the overwhelming approval of NAHJ’s board just 18 months ago.

Frankly, the entire action was a surprise because we never received fair notice or due process under NAHJ bylaws. Under the partnership, signed in 2016, CCNMA became a chapter of NAHJ with specific rights.

CCNMA board members believe that our combined memberships, journalistic talents and spirit can produce a powerful voice for Latino journalism and communities on the West Coast. The opportunity is still there if only we can get past the fear of risk and groundless liabilities.

​​Meanwhile, CCNMA will ​continue ​with confidence in a rapidly changing journalism landscape that requires new and bold ideas.​ Many of us in California ​have been loyal members​ ​of both organizations​ for decades. ​We don’t see a divide​. We see ​only opportunity in unity.

Joseph Rodriguez, CCNMA President & Board Chair

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