CCNMA, NAHJ merge in an effort to boost newsroom diversity in Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES – The boards of the California Chicano News Media Association and the National Association of Hispanic Journalists have agreed to merge the organizations to better tackle diversity, training and development for members in Los Angeles and California.

“NAHJ came from CCNMA 30 plus years ago and today, we come back together,” said Mekahlo Medina, NAHJ President. “This new partnership will initially focus on Los Angeles, merging NAHJ LA and CCNMA’s boards and activities and then growing CCNMA’s presence in other chapters across the state.”

The memorandum of understanding agreed by both boards maintains CCNMA’s brand and initiatives as both organizations hope to grow and reach more mutual members across the state. NAHJ chapters in San Diego and the San Francisco Bay Area will retain their independence as they also partner with CCNMA to expand our reach in California and throughout the nation.

“We’re looking forward to this new relationship with NAHJ in California,” said Joe Rodriguez, CCNMA President and former NAHJ board member. “The partnership will allow CCNMA to strengthen it’s signature job fair and scholarship programs as it begins to cast a wider net, from promoting journalism in minority high schools to helping veteran journalists expand their skills in a rapidly changing industry. I’d like to see our local memberships work together on every initiative from now on.”

“This is a historic moment for Latino journalists in the U.S.,” said Antonio Mejias-Rentas, NAHJ Los Angeles President. “By building on the legacy of these two important organizations, we can increase our ability to meet our shared goals of increasing Hispanic representation in mainstream media and providing training opportunities for our membership, including those working in Spanish-language media.”

The partnership is effective immediately with a transition period of 60 days for NAHJ LA and CCNMA boards.

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