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Many award-winning and well-respected Latino journalists have served on the CCNMA board throughout its history, beginning with founders such as Frank del Olmo, Frank Cruz and George Ramos and current board members such as Mariel Garza, Joe Rodriguez and Sandy Nuñez.

Typically, these journalists are drawn to the group’s mission to help diversify newsrooms. Over the years, CCNMA has expanded its efforts by seeking grants and donations for scholarships, and creating programming for students and professional journalists. We couldn’t do any of that without the work put in by board members.

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Here are a few frequently asked questions about serving on CCNMA Board of Directors:

Q: What kind of commitment does serving on the board require?
A: Your main responsibilities are to attend quarterly board meetings, typically in January, April, July and October. While we understand that the work schedules of journalists are sometimes chaotic, we ask that board members make it a priority to attend these meetings.
Q: Is that it? Just going to meetings?
A: No, the organization relies on board members to share their expertise in other ways through its various programs. For example, the organization has an active mentorship program with journalism students at Cal State Northridge. CCNMA would love to expand the program to other interested colleges, but needs volunteer coordinators. Our board members also spearhead different programming initiatives such as the scholarships, Ruben Salazar Awards and the Journalism Opportunities Conference.
Q: I’m just starting out as a journalist and don’t have much journalism experience yet. Can I still serve as board member?
A: Absolutely! As you can see from the list of current board members, many are veteran journalists and a few are in management positions. However, there is no requirement in the amount of professional journalism experience. In fact, a mix of journalists from different media and experience levels can offer different perspectives to ensure the organization is best helping members at all levels in the journalism industry.
Q: Can anyone be a board member?
A: Per CCNMA bylaws, a board member must be a working journalist and CCNMA member in good standing. CCNMA is looking for board members dedicated to motivating, encouraging and supporting Latinos interested in pursuing careers in the news media. (Not a CCNMA member? Join now.)
Q: Is this a paid position? What do I get out of being a board member?
A: CCNMA board members are motivated to devoting their free time to the organization simply because they believe in working to increase the number of people of color in newsrooms. Serving on the nation’s original news media group for journalists of color would give you exposure as well as invaluable networking opportunities.

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